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What started out as a renovation of an original Lake Rosseau boathouse and docks North of Port Carling in Muskoka, ended up as a wholesale two-storey boathouse and docks reconstruction project. The family cottage was built during the early nineteen hundreds in the traditional style of Lake Muskoka’s “Millionaire’s Row” cottages. The plan was to incorporate that style into the boathouse.

Being situated partially within the side yard setback, the design had to respect the zoning by-law in that the height and footprint of the structure could not be altered. The new dock incorporated three slips to accommodate boats of various sizes and is constructed using the existing renovated cribs. In places, the wooden timbers are reinforced with steel to manage structural loads.

The boathouse includes a second storey living space consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, breakfast bar and living room all finished in natural pine tongue & groove. The roof features elegant exposed rafter tails which are rounded to match the main cottage and makes use of Enviroshake shingles. The covered porch features a striking heavy timber truss which frames the windows behind. Being environmentally conscious owners, the boathouse is powered by a solar panel system with storage batteries that will feed power into the grid when not in use.